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  • Taking The GED® Test is an important step.

    Not completing high school or a delayed graduation does not have to hold you back.

  • Get going, get recognized. The GED®, also referred to as the General Educational Development test, is the only high school equivalency credential recognized in all 50 states. Earning your GED® credential is often the next step to applying to college or entering a profession.
  • There is a testing site near you. There are 84 GED® testing sites across the state of Maine, offered through Adult and Community Education programs. These programs offer orientation classes and pre-testing as well.
  • Use the links below to find programs to prepare, testing locations, and much more.

    View Information about GED® & high school diploma programs through Maine Adult Education, along with the list of locations that offer GED® testing programs in Maine. Another valuable resource to prospective test takers can be found at the GED® Testing Service website.

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    Is Your Next Step College?
    Adult Education can help you explore college options as well. The College Transitions Program (offered through Adult Education programs around the state) helps adult students transition into college. Get support with applications and financial aid, college prep classes, college and career planning, placement testing, and individual advising.Adults in Maine who want to go to community college, as well as some of the other public Universities, may need to take the placement test Accuplacer. The ACCUPLACER® is a set of exams that quickly and accurately assess reading, writing, math, and computer skills. This process is designed to evaluate readiness for college level work. Individual colleges and universities administer the tests, so just ask if it’s a requirement that applies to you and if so, when, where and how you can take the test. If you’re nervous about these placement tests, talk with your local adult education office or College Transitions counselor. Maine’s Career and Technical Education centers, community colleges and state universities use the ACCUPLACER® extensively to track achievement and to determine course placements.  For more information go to:  Maine DOE Accuplacer Page.
    Get College Credit for Work Experience
    Prior Learning Assessment or PLA is a way that you can receive college credit for what you’ve learned through work. This can save you time and money if you’re planning to get a college degree by eliminating the number of classes you may need to take. Colleges and universities in Maine have different methods of awarding credit based on each school’s academic requirements.

    To see information about PLA at the University of Maine at Augusta: Click here.

    To see information about PLA at the University of Southern Maine: Click here.

    To see information about PLA at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine: Click here.

    The Center for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL) is a great resource to learn about PLA.

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(Programs listed are just a few of all the programs available at Maine institutions. These programs offer a flexible schedule that may work best for adult learners juggling other obligations. To see all programs, go directly to each school’s website.)